NEW! Square Me Up Ruler
Oh what fun you are going to have with this no-slip ruler. A fast, fun way to make half square triangles. Uses popular 10" and 5" squares of fabric to give you quick and accurate half-square triangles in 4 1/2 (4" finished size) and 2" (1 1/2" finished size). Also a great tool for squaring up other blocks because of the easy to read lines and NO SLIP SURFACE. You will find this is a handy ruler to have around. I have been using it for squaring up my blocks on my new paper piecing project and I love it.

Perfect size if you like to square up your Crazy Curves blocks too! Be sure to check out the how to videos on the Seams Sew Crazy Blog.

Click here to read the PDF file of the Quick Start Instructions.

$16.95 retail price

6" Quick Curves Template
As shown in McCall's Quilting Magazine , this is the 6" template used.
The 6" Quick Curves Drunkards Path template is packaged with the Bow Jangles quilt pattern. Acrylic template makes a 6" finished size block. Cutting and sewing directions included. Easily cut your pieces using your rotary cutter. Find more sewing videos on the Seams Sew Crazy Blog.
The Big Curvy Bag on the patterns page also uses this template. Not too big and not too small, this size is just right!

$16.95 retail price

Crazy Curves 7" Template
Easily cut out your fabric using a rotary cutter. Pieces are easily sewn together. Seams press flat in either direction. Make a traditional drunkards path block or turn your blocks to go wild. Sew strips together or use striped fabric to make your blocks say WOW! Many ideas are available in the Crazy Curves book.

The Circle Dance pattern is included with this template. It uses the 7" template and the 3 1/2" template. It is made from 20 fat quarters of Timeless Treasures Batiks.

$17.95 retail price

Small Paths 3 1/2" Template
Acrylic template makes a 3 1/2" finished size Drunkards Path block. Easily cut your pieces using a small rotary cutter. Four of these blocks sewn together make a 7" finished size block. A perfect addition to the 7" template set. This template is used along with the 7" template to make the Circle Dance Quilt. This template includes pattern for the Small Paths quilt. See the new Charm Pack patterns using this template on the patterns page.

$13.95 retail price

8" Rainbow Block Template
Four piece acrylic template set. Use piece A and B to make the basic Drunkards Path block that finishes at 8". Use pieces B, C and D to make a block with an arc. Use both blocks together in the same quilt for more variety. Add the 4" block and make a quilt that says WOW!
Easily cut out your pieces using a rotary cutter and follow the quick piecing instructions. The curve on these templates is so gentle it is as easy as straight piecing. Try sewing strips together and then using the templates to cut out your pieces. Tropical pattern is included with this template. This is the template that you will need to make the Fan Dance patterns.


4" Drunkards Path Template
This template set makes a 4" finished sized block. Four of these blocks sewn together make an 8" block. A perfect addition to the 8" Rainbow Block set. Easily cut out your pieces with a rotary cutter. Sew together with pins or without. Seam allowance is included. Works well for traditional looking quilts. Ebony Dance quilt pattern is included with this template.

$14.95 retail price

Melon Block Template
Three piece acrylic template set that makes an 8" finished size block. Quick and accurate cutting with your rotary cutter. Simple curved piecing. Comes with the Melon Garden Pattern. Find more patterns in the Melon Block Book which has more than 18 different quilts using this template.

$24.95 retail price